Longer and heavier car trains are allowed in Latvia from 2024

From the new year, 25.25 m and 6 t car trains are allowed in Latvia, they have been allowed in Finland and Sweden for years. Estonia also needs to negotiate this difference from the European Commission, because long car trains help to reduce the carbon footprint of road transport because larger quantities can be transported at the same time and thereby make better use of the road and truck potential. In Estonia, you can drive a 60t car train if the cargo is registered with an e-CMR waybill.

Google AI knows about eFTI Regulation

By Regulation 2020/1056 (“eFTI Regulation”), the responsible control authorities of all modes of transport are required to collect the legally required freight transport information from companies in electronic form (instead of paper) from the end of 2025, if the information is available through certified eFTI platforms. For entrepreneurs, the electronic form of transmission is initially optional. In the first phase, it will affect all modes of transport, combined transport, cabotage, dangerous goods, waste and aviation security.

Digital Logistics Center of Excellence in ITS Estonia

Yesterday, the general meeting of ITS Estonia took place, where a new management group was also elected, which now includes Digilogistika Keskus for the coming years 🙂. There is a lot of work ahead and the challenges are exciting. We always find opportunities for those who know and want to get actively involved, be it cooperation with universities, participation in lawmaking, testing pilot projects in logistics or development of solutions.