Seminar: Supply Chain Digitalization and Smart Data Management

Despite the general economic crisis, the logistics sector is facing interesting times and big changes. Europe is rapidly moving towards cross-border digitization and an explosion of digital freight data is expected in 2024. In 2026, all EU countries must create the readiness to carry out supervision in transport based on digital waybills, but how do companies feel about it? Come and hear what experts from Digilogistics Center of Excellence (Digilogistika Keskus) and Tietoevry Create Baltic think about it.

gitex flyer 2023

Digilogistics Center in Dubai — GITEX 2023 fair

In Europe, we have already shown ourselves and received confirmation that we have done something right by being the first to start sharing eFTI digital cargo information between companies and national supervisory authorities. Now is the time to take the next goal, and the whole world could be suitable for that.
Together with Exponaut and several other Estonian companies, we are exploring under Modern Village accelerator this playground this week in Dubai, at the world’s largest technology and startup fair GITEX 2023.

From the university bench to world improvers

We have contributed to the digitization of food rescue and developed a digital waybill and warehouse management for EatB4 and Food Bank.
The system, created with the support of volunteers, today helps many low-income people all over Estonia to get help from large retail chains, which donate unsuitable but perfectly suitable foodstuffs to the Food Bank.  This difficult but important work can be made easier by creating digital channels for data exchange and freeing people from paper documents to enter data into computers.